Don't Let Your Brakes Break

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Brake service is a necessary part of car maintenance. If your brakes aren't functioning correctly, you might have trouble stopping in time at stoplights, stop signs or in emergencies. Westside Car Care has the resources to help you. We will take care of your brake service so your brakes are road-ready once again.

You should have your brakes checked every time you rotate your tires. That way, you can keep track of whether they require maintenance, replacement or possible repair.

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We're there when you need brake repair

We're there when you need brake repair

If there is something wrong with your brakes, let us know. We can perform any necessary brake repair so you can get back on the road safely. You'll know you need brake repair or service when you notice:

  • Squeaking sounds when you try to stop
  • Difficulty stopping in time
  • Needing to press harder on the brakes

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